Solar Inverter

The Sun is a vital source of energy. Life on earth is completely dependent on only a part of the sunsís total energy. Renewable energy from the sun is abundant, clean, silent, inexhaustible and moreover in this expensive world, it is free.

Solar Power Systems :

Works on both Solar and AC Mains Power depending on Sun light Availability and energy requirement.

How it is works:

Solar PV Module converts Sunlight into DC Power and this is stored in the Battery bank. Solar Charger optimizes Solar charging and prevents Battery Over charger / Deep discharge. Inverter converts DC Power into AC Power. In rural areas where Grid power is not available. The system shall work only on Solar Power.

Solar Inverter

Key Features :

  • DSP based control guarantees high reliability.

  • Pure Sine Wave output

  • 30% More energy is harvested by using MPPT solar charger

  • Autopriority logic in the charger for both mains and solar inputs

  • If the load is less than 5W, the inverter automatically switches to sleep mode to save power

  • Compact and light weight

  • User friendly installation

  • High Efficiency and extended backup time

  • Normal and Computer mode

  • Noiseless operation of fans, lamps and appliance

  • Liquid crystal display

Solar Power Systems
Technology DSP Based PWM MOSFET / IGBT
Capacity 600VA to 15KVA
Input Voltage

175V to 265V AC for computer

100V to 300V AC for lighting

Transfer Time > 10ms
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Frequency 50Hz ± 0.5Hz
Efficiency >96%
Output Voltage 225V ± 1%(on Battery mode)
Power Factor 0.8 lag
Charges On Mains DSP Based Technology Trigle cum float Charger
Charges On Solar Intelgant Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology
Battery charging current Up to 30A (On Solar)
Peak charger efficiency 97%
Short Circuit Protecation > 300% load (short circuit with Manual Reset Function)
Indication / LCD Display Mains On, Mains Charging, Solar Charging, Inv On, Battey Low, Overload
Alarms Battery Low, Over Load, Mains Failure, Short Circuit
Protection Mains and Solar High and Low Voltage, Short Circuit, Battery deep discharge and over charge
Type of Cooling Forced Air Cooling
Noise level Less than 60db
Crest factor Upto 3 : 1
Withstanding capacity 125% up to 60 Seconds
Battery Voltage 600KVA/12V to 15KVA/240V
Operating Temp 0-50 C